We operate 2 Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels (MPSVs).

Their mission: MPSVs are Vessels specially designed for Subsea operations. Versatile, they offer customers great flexibility of use and can be customized to multiple configurations based on Clients requirement.


Bourbon Evolution 800 Series DP 3 Diesel Electric Subsea Multi-Purpose Supply Vessel
Large deck space of 1,200 m²
Suitable for operations at depth of 2,500 and 3,000 meters
Redundant main systems - 3 stern thrusters, 3 bow thrusters, 1 main dual redundant DP control position, 2 engine rooms with 7 main generators 
2 Active Heave Compensation (AHC) cranes simultaneously: a 150 T main crane, and a 40 T auxiliary crane and 2 VSAT connections
Special products / Methanol
Accommodate 105 people (even more in flotel mode), Helideck
Bourbon Trieste

DP 2 Diesel Electric Subsea Multi-Purpose Supply Vessel
Deck space 800 m2
Light subsea works and precision lifting up to 2,300 m
Twin deepwater offshore cranes
Special Service - Stand by Rescue Vessel / Fire fighting 1 Waterspray / Oil Recovery
Accommodate 70 people (flotel support)