September 12, 2019

In March 2016, BOURBON launched its first Safety Post, which was designed to inform employees and prevent incidents both on board and on shore. Over 3 years and 35 issues later, the Safety Post has established itself as a major safety tool, adopted by BOURBON's crews as well as its clients. Pero Krnic, Master of the Bourbon Rhesos terminal tug, gives us his point of view.

The Safety Post is an excellent tool that attracts the attention of the persons on board and enables them to visualize meaningful situations that take place during everyday operations. It explains how to perform these operations with total safety. "The Safety Post is displayed everywhere on board the vessel: on the bridge and in the engine room, the common areas, the mess, the crew's TV room, etc. As it is close at hand, everybody can see it and read it," he explains. "On board our vessel, we have posters in two languages, English and Portuguese, so that local Angolan crew also can easily understand the content." The Safety Post is also part of our safety meetings: the HSE officer explains the explain Do’s and Don’ts of the operations illustrated on the poster.

All sorts of circumstances and situations are described in the Safety Posts: dangerous situations, near misses, routine and non-routine operations, risks, etc. The key element is that these situations are always based on authentic facts, which gives the Safety Posts all their value. The personnel carry out the operations presented every day. The Safety Post enables them to prepare for unexpected situations and they can visualize certain hazardous aspects of the job concerned. Thanks to this, they will know how to react and how to avoid certain situations. "The feedback from the crews is excellent. During the safety meetings, all crew members participate with a positive attitude and show interest in safety procedures, whether they concern the safety of the crew or the property and reputation of the company," concludes Pero Krnic.